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General Dentistry

  • Cone Beam Imaging
  • Dental Bridges
  • Dental Crowns
  • Dental Exams & Cleanings
  • Dental Fillings
  • Dentures
  • Digital X-Rays
  • Night Guards

Dental Bonding

As taking your smile as a form of art, we provide you with dental bonding is recommended for improving your smile appearance while protecting the structure of the tooth.


Your physical appearance is the key to your self-confidence, and if you are not feeling confident about your smile, you might not feel confident in general. Here is where we can help you with the dental veneers. Veneers is a technology that offers a solution for yellow teeth, uneven teeth, or any teeth damaged. The process takes up to 2 visits to create the perfect smile. Also, our doctors will give you the right instructions to take the best care of your veneers.

Orthodontic Treatment

Do you look every day in the mirror and find your teeth are uneven, which bothers you? OMS dental provides you with Orthodontic treatment that guarantees your teeth transformation. From the moment of your visit, you will receive all the necessary care to get the perfect results. You will go through a consultation to give you the right treatment plan to reach these sexy unique teeth you've always aimed for. This treatment is 100% a customized approach depending on each patient, so you will have a tailored plan and timelines to reach our end goal.

Tradition Metal Baraces

Traditional metal braces are the most affordable yet comfortable solution in straightening and beautifying your natural teeth. OMS dental provides you with a wide range of orthodontic treatments to reach the perfect smile you always aimed for. The metal braces help you in showing off your true personality by choosing the colors of the elastic bands, each visit can turn into a very fun process, and in the end, you will get a breathtaking result.